On April 7, 2015 feier li attended 2015 Louis vuitton second exhibition held in Beijing.On the same day, feier li, dressed in a black silk sleeveless top with Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) 2015 early spring bud silk embroidered suede short skirt Louis vuitton replica, let a person shine at the moment, simple pioneer crashed youthful fashionable element.
On April 7, 2015, 2015 held in Beijing feier li is invited to the Louis vuitton second exhibition series.On the same day, feier li, dressed in a black silk, sleeveless blouse, skirt collocation of Louis vuitton 2015 early spring bud silk embroidered suede, across shoulder Epi Twist dark grey handbags, stamped on the black pointed high-heeled shoes elegant appearance activity venues, and communicate with Louis vuitton brand executives Emma had Louis vuitton handbags a group photo taken.Feier li spring modelling of the black is not the mainstream, but let a person shine at the moment, contracted and pioneer of youthful classic sparkles between fashionable element.
China's elite have changed their Louis Vuitton, think that once the luxury giant brand more popular among the middle class, or even a secretary level standard brand."I don't see someone carrying Gucci or Louis Vuitton handbags."High-end refinement international louis vuitton online etiquette, etiquette training center (Institute Sarita), the founder of ms Sara Jane Ho Sara Jane Ho said."My clients are experienced professionals. My students are those who buy Hermes handbags in 10 years ago has, they keep their higher standards."
HSBC bank (HSBC), general manager of Ewan Rambourg in "The Bling Dynasty: according to The Reign of Chinese key-2 Luxury Shoppers Has Only Just Begun, The book explains," since 2003, Louis Vuitton is an important brand in China, at that time in Japan as Fake louis vuitton well as The sales peak. Although Japan elite don't too concerned about The brand is The mainstream trend, however, China's elite for fashion obviously have different attitude."And that "the use of the Japanese buy luxury goods are for the most part, and the Chinese buy luxury goods are mostly as stand out."
Although Louis Vuitton sale of products in China, but it doesn't stop in China and all over the world there are a lot of fake Louis Vuitton bags on sale.The brand's core consumer including young gens going to work now to buy it as a status symbol.Although this is not necessarily a bad thing, because the Chinese middle class is likely to be the biggest growth markets.But the brand of the challenge ahead is in seize these core consumer at the same louis vuitton outlet time, also want to try to win back the most wealthy clients.And if you want to succeed, Louis Vuitton may need and away from its trademark LOGO, into a more subtle luxury goods companies.
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